Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 3 Update on Homemade Skincare - Homemade Honey Aspirin Mask

Friends, my face feels as tight as pterodactyl skin!  I'm starting to question my dedication to this 4 week experiment!  I'm going to persevere though because, let's face it, I'm pretty stubborn.

This week I've been using the homemade almond cleansing cream in the morning, followed by Weleda Rose Cream and a few drops of jojoba.  If I'm going to be outside a lot, I wear a Yes To Carrots SPF 30 sunscreen.  Then I apply my makeup, which is becoming more difficult due to the dryness.  There are patches of dry skin and flakiness.  At night I remove my eye makeup with a MAC oil cleanser.  Then I remove my foundation and such with Cetaphil.

Earlier this week, disaster struck.  I was chatting with a friend about this routine and she said that Cetaphil does not remove all of her makeup.  I want to make sure I'm removing it all, so I used my Pretika facial brush (which is a Clarisonic dupe).  OH DEAR LORD.  My face was so tight all night that I could barely sleep!  The Pretika stripped off all the remaining moisture I had in my skin!!  It was horrible.  The next day I purchased Desert Essence Organic jojoba oil and started using that.  It has really helped, but the dryness is winning at this point.  Applying the jojoba and moisturizer help to apply my makeup, at least.  It's at nighttime that the dryness is really bothersome.

Last week I talked about how my pores are beginning to empty on their own.  That's still happening to some degree, but now I mostly have impacted blemishes.  They are deep under the skin, and if I want clear skin, I need to figure out how to safely and effectively get rid of them!  That's when I decided to make a homemade mask from these two ingredients: