The Salty Girl started as a girl with a sweet tooth. I loved sweets of all sorts as a child. However, my mom refused to buy box cake or brownie mixes! With the help of an old Betty Crocker cookbook, I taught myself how to bake everything from scratch. I baked everything from pineapple upside-down cake to cherry pie! Baking is a creative outlet as well as a way for me to care for my friends and family.

By baking things from scratch, I realized that so many things we consider commodities used to be handmade. We now sacrifice convenience for taste and quality. I'm part of the first generation where fast food and chain stores were the norm. My parents and grandparents did not grow up eating fast food - they made their own dinners. I have tasted industrial food and it tastes awful! On The Salty Girl, I will share my experiences making homemade items that we don't make at home anymore such as ketchup, mayonnaise, yogurt, and other sweets and savories.

Along the way, my sweet tooth has matured. Nowadays, I love sweet things that also combine savory flavors. There's something wonderful about a honeycrisp apple with sharp cheddar cheese and maple syrup on top of bacon. On The Salty Girl, you will see me combining sweet and savory elements into unexpectedly delicious baked goods!