Saturday, December 18, 2010

strawberry balsamic jam for those without the benefit of a garden or summertime!

I only met my Grandma Taylor one time before she passed away, but she made such an impression on my 9 year old brain that I will never forget her.  She was a beautiful, delicate woman.  My dad always said that even when she ate potato chips you could not hear a sound coming from her mouth!  I remember that she put dots of lotion on her cuticles every night.  (I should really do that.)  My favorite Grandma Taylor memory was when she cut down all the strawberries in the strawberry patch and made fresh jam.  I was in awe.  I had no idea you could make strawberry jam from scratch, and it was so delicious.

Someday I swear I'll have my own home and a garden full of strawberries and kale and other delicious items.  Until then, I've learned how to make jam from frozen berries that are out of season.  And it's delicious.  I add a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, and it doesn't sound like that would be good with strawberry jam, but let me tell you, this might be the best thing I've ever made!

strawberry balsamic jam on wheat toast with browned butter!
I think my friends and family are going to love these little gems!

i'm good at making jam, but not so good at making bows.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

a very spicy christmas - habanero peach hot sauce

Are you a gift procrastinator?  Yikes, I am! I've been very busy, friends.  I haven't had any time to post, let alone make Christmas gifts!  If you are like me, don't worry.  We have plenty if time to make awesome gifts - like this Habanero Peach hot sauce!

habanero hot sauce will heat you up this winter!

It's crazy spicy, even for me, so I know my little brother will love it!  (hi trenton!!<##)  It's also very, very easy to make.  Let me give you the directions now - blend the ingredients and pour into a bottle. It's that easy!  No worries about cooking the peppers, which can cause dangerous fumes.  Here are the basic ingredients:

habaneros, canned peaches, vinegar, and salt.

Keep reading for the recipe!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 4 Update on Homemade Skincare - Homemade Toner Recipe

After last week, I really, really wanted to give up homemade skincare and go back to commercial products.  I am so glad I didn't because my skin has transformed this week!!!  Now it's clear and glowing!  You will not believe the secret potion that really made the difference this week - apple cider vinegar!!!  For years I've read recipes for homemade toners from apple cider vinegar, but I could not bring myself to use that smelly stuff on my skin.  My skin was so tight and dry last week that I was willing to give anything a try.   There's no denying that the apple cider vinegar smells, but I timed it and the smell only lingers for about 3 minutes.  I cannot tell you why it works - it just does.   I'm willing to bear the smell for these results!

Click through for the recipe!

Friday, December 3, 2010

heart-shaped candy cane pops!

The Salty Girl believes that everything is better when it's heart shaped and on a lollipop stick! Especially candy canes.

These homemade candy cane heart pops are adorable. Just look at them!

Still not convinced? Keep reading!

Thursday, December 2, 2010