Wednesday, January 5, 2011

wednesday lunchbox! meyer lemon quinoa & pickled watermelon radish

Introducing a new segment on The Salty Girl - Wednesday Lunchbox!  Peep my lunchbox for new lunch ideas that are quick, healthy, seasonal and yummy.  Let me tell you, having a great lunch to look forward to really makes your day interesting.  Plus, it's a topic of conversation.  People at the office have loved my lunches this week!

This week's lunchbox has meyer lemon quinoa with cucumbers and tomatoes, edamame and umeboshi plum vinegar pickled watermelon radishes.

Are you wondering what umeboshi plum vinegar is?  What about watermelon radishes?  Read on for more about this week's lunchbox!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

hello 2011.

Happy New Year, friends.  Celebrating the new year is fun.  I love the idea of a fresh, new beginning.  Last year was hard, though it was dotted with positive accomplishments.  Professionally, I graduated from law school and I passed the bar exam.  Personally, I became a better person as I learned about how, who, and what I love. 

perfect new year's day dinner - seitan jambalaya, black eyed peas and collards eaten in my house robe.
I hope you aren't disappointed, but I won't be posting a recipe tonight.  Keep reading to learn about what I want in 2011, and why I'm changing my diet to a mostly vegetarian diet.   Also, listen to the soundtrack of my life right now.  Ten decisions change your life...