Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thankful Sundae

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  There's food, family, friends, no stress about presents and it has a great message - thankfulness.  I am so thankful for my life. It's full of love and happiness. I am thankful that I passed the bar exam (YAY!) and I have a bright future ahead of me!

Since this holiday is so special to me, I am going to use it to debut the first Salty Girl video!  In this video I show you how to make a Thankful Sundae - pumpkin frozen yogurt topped with cranberry syrup and toasted pecans.  It's a little too  late to make it for your family for Thanksgiving, but any day is great to give thanks, right?  Friends, it is very embarrassing and difficult to record a video.  The sound of my own voice and the things I say are just ridiculous.  Please feel free to laugh.  I hope you enjoy the video!

Click through for the recipe: