Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 2 Update on Homemade Skincare

It's 2 hours and 15 minutes until I find out some very, very important news - whether I passed the California Bar Exam!  I'm shaking in my flats and polka dotted tights, let me tell you.  This stress cannot be good for my skin!  I wanted to peek into the blog and give an update on my homemade skincare regiment before I go take the edge off my anxiety with some hot sake. 

This week has been pretty difficult without and evening moisturizer, but I think it's starting to help my pores shrink.  When I go to bed, my skin is very tight.  But when I wake up in the morning it feels great!  Also, when I wake up now, my pores have shrunk overnight and (ick) sometimes there are bumps on my face where my pores have cleared out some gunk.  Sorry that's gross, but it's pretty cool that my pores are naturally cleaning themselves out. 

I am loving the homemade almond cleansing cream, and I will probably continue to use it even after this experiment is over.  It feels nice and gentle on my skin, and I like that it's very simple and homemade. 

Lastly, while my pores are looking great, the lack of moisturizer was causing some dry patches on my face!  I broke down yesterday and purchased some jojoba oil.  I am raving happy about the jojoba oil!  As soon as I put it on, my skin drank it up and looked amazing.  Last night I didn't use any moisturizer, but I woke up today with amazing skin. 

Good thing, too, because on a day like this, I don't need any extra stress. 

Good luck to all of those who are getting bar results today, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I will be back soon with more recipes for skincare and baked goods alike! 

Please please please please let this picture come trueeeee!